in all honesty, i still don’t particularly know how i feel about college. however, i suppose that that’s understandable given the fact that i’m virtually never on campus and i’ve only been in college for a few months now. i’m still figuring a lot of things out and i suppose that this page will be used as a place to compile all of that- whether its just about my life while in college or about something actually school related.

// thus far //

school itself has actually been quite boring. i was talking to a friend a few days ago when they asked me what my favorite part about college is. i feel like my answer encompasses my feelings towards it: my favorite part of college actually has nothing to do with -college- and everything to do with friends. even the friends that i’ve met over the last few months haven’t been from my school, they’ve been from places like work, church, or shows. college hasn’t been about the “typical college experience” for me. Rather, its been about the memories that i’ve made with the people that are an active force in my life right now. i’ve gotten to spend more time with my best friends and i’ve had such cool opportunities to meet so many new, creative, and kind people that i would never have met in high school. i really think that this is the thing that i will always cherish from my years in college. the things that i wish i would’ve known going into college (so far):

– college isn’t just about having  the hardcore partying college experience.

– you will have a lot of free time.

– this time is often filled with homework or stressing out about the homework that you have to do.

– some people will come and some people will go, but the ones that are really there for you will stay with you through all of the transitional periods.

– sororities aren’t for everyone- do and join what brings you joy.

– try new things, be who you want, and wear what makes you happy.